Up and running!

Hello digital world!

We’re up and running on the web at www.freerangebuilding.com!

Have you ever seen a home built with salvaged railroad girders and McNary Dam light posts?  Check out our featured project at 1250 Reser Rd, aka “The Boneyard Project.”  It’s polished and ready for sale, and our web site is full of photo galleries and information about the materials, methods, and construction process.

Contact us with questions or to schedule a viewing at info@freerangebuilding.com.


4 Responses to “Up and running!”

  1. DeAnne Stewart says:

    I just think this is the greatest idea! I love the reuse, recycle way of thinking! I love the way you say there is just so much “stuff” around, why are we making more? So very true! And you and have taken this old used stuff, that is considered garbage by most, and made it into something quite beautiful! I would buy that house in a heartbeat, If I could afford it! It is so lovely! I love the idea and hope your business grows! Can’t wait to see what your next creation looks like, as I’m sure it will be even more amazing! The world needs more forward thinkers like yourself and your team. Wish I had that sort of creativity!
    Thanks for sharing your gifts!

  2. Matthew says:

    I’m like DeAnne – this is the first build/design that has really “wowed me” in a long time. And in addition to its incredible aesthetics, it was done using repurposed materials. This really has inspired me to see what I can do with my existing home to repurpose materials that will otherwise wind up lying around elsewhere. Good luck! I’ve bookmarked the page so I look forward to future projects and blog posts.

  3. CatMarie says:

    Your craft, design and philosophy makes me happy and hopeful. The landscape of housing in America has become lack luster reflecting only the turn & burn society we’ve become. There is reason behind the saying, “they just don’t build them like they used to” and why I am drawn to craftsman homes and the integrity of building in that era. I love the juxtaposition of earthy wood and cold industrial steel in art and in a home its warm & classy without being pretentious. I would love to live in a home that was built with creativity, resourcefulness, and pride all evident of this home. It would be an inspiration that I sadly can’t afford.
    I applaud the Free Range Team…living the dream, bravo!